Who is Faris Nunn? Eight-Year-Old Going Viral For Her Statement On DC Shootout

Who is Faris Nunn- meet the eight-year-old who saw a gunfire and said that she has seen it before and was ready for it.

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Who is Faris Nunn
Who is Faris Nunn: After witnessing gunfire in Washington DC outside the Nationals Park stadium, a young girl named Faris Nunn to the media and that this isn't the first time she saw a shootout.

The shootout at Nationals Park stadium in Washington DC was exchanged between people in two cars, and three people were injured. Faris Nunn, her sibling and her parents were sitting near the stadium gate and were able to hear the gunshots.

Explaining how she noticed the shootout, Nunn said, "I saw people looking that way. And I didn’t know what was going on until I heard someone say get out, so I just started going under the seat."

Who Is Faris Nunn?

The eight-year-old Faris Nunn, when asked about her reaction to the gunfire, said that she wasn't surprised and had seen it before. She added, "It was my second shooting. So I was kind of prepared … because I always am expecting something to happen."

Later, the mother of the toddler added she saw someone get shot outside Northeast D.C. recreation centre in November while the family was at a toddler playgroup.

WUSA9 journalist Jess Arnold tweeted the clip which has now been watched a million times, and wrote, "Sober reminder of what far too many kids in DC face daily." He added, "When I asked this 8-year-old girl – who was with her family at last night’s game – how she felt when they heard shots, she said, ‘It was my second shooting, so I was kind of prepared.’ This should not be normal."

Further, Arnold's opinion was seconded by the people that children should not go through this level of violence where they accept it as normal.

Twitterati also reacted to the post and shared their views on how wrong it is that Faris Nunn felt like it was normal.

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