Kavitha Reddy Apologises To Samyuktha Hedge For “Moral Policing”

Kavitha Reddy

Congress leader Kavitha Reddy has offered an unconditional apology to actor Samyukta Hedge and her friends following uproar over her abusing Hegde for wearing a sportbra to a park. She stated how the incident that happened between her, Hegde and latter’s friends has completely blown out of proportion and shouldn’t have happened. 

Reddy clarified in a video that she didn’t hit or physically assault Samyuktha’s friend. However, she still owed them an ‘unconditional apology’ for losing her temper and acting the way she did. Claiming she has always opposed ‘moral policing’, she agreed she shouldn’t have acted so aggressively. She considers herself “a responsible citizen and progressive woman,” hence she apologised to everyone present at the scene of the incident.

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On 4 September Kannada star Samyukhta Hegde was reportedly abused and assaulted by Kavitha Reddy, an activist, entrepreneur and politician, at Agara Lake park for wearing a sports bra.

The actor had posted videos of the incident from her Instagram handle, saying,“This was on broad daylight and in a public park. And a woman who insulted and hurled abuse at us for simply wearing workout clothes and exercising in a park. And that too in central Beng4aluru. What wrong did we do that my friends and I had to go through this trauma and shamed for no fault of ours? It’s high time we questioned such behaviour where people play moral police and torture them without reason. And we hear of such incidents so often. This has got to stop.” Read more about it here.

She requested the Bengaluru Police to look into the matter, also tagging concerned authorities on Twitter. Her tweet read, “The future of our country reflects on what we do today. We were abused and ridiculed by Kavitha Reddy at Agara Lake. There are witnesses and more video evidence. I request you to look into this. #thisisWRONG.”

Support poured in for Hegde

Actor Richa Chadha came forward and voiced her support to Hegde. Richa retweeted the video and wrote, “Just because you think someone isn’t dressed like they ought to, in YOUR opinion, gives you no right to charge towards them or slap them. The world doesn’t need more moral policing, especially not from sanctimonious aunties. Plz behave. Respect is a 2 way street.”

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Samyuktha accepted Reddy’s apology in a tweet, thanking advocates Maitreyi Bhat and Arjun Rao for their support. She also mentioned in another tweet how Kavitha hasn’t taken the post down even after mentioning so in her apology.

Khushi Gupta is an intern at SheThePeople.TV.