Can We Stop Associating A Girl’s Character With Her Clothes

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She must be harassed or raped because she wears shorts clothes, and thus asking for it. It is okay to call her a slut because she is wearing a blood-red lipstick. She is smutty because her cleavage is visible. The clothes and makeup that were meant only to make women look and feel good are now used to judge their character. Not only this, but I heard someone say how a girl appears to be a prostitute, with a tattoo on her neck. You’ve got to be kidding me, dude!

Calling a girl slut is atrocious. Just don’t say it, even in humour or while being judgmental.

To be honest, I sometimes feel that all these tactics are used only to interfere in a girl’s personal space. Like why don’t we tell boys about how short their ‘shorts’ are? And why do we not care about their shaggy legs? Are they not humans, or not capable of arousing sexual interests? Or is it so that even inanimate clothes discriminate between a penis and a vagina?

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Don’t Label Our Red Lipstick As Erotic

When we dare to ask questions the society tells us to shut our mouth, since we are girls and hence expected to behave in a certain way. The last time I wore red lipstick, one of my cousins was quick enough to advise me not to use dark shades. I asked her why, and her reply didn’t do much apart from making me laugh. She said that it is married women who use red lipsticks, also it made young girls look loose. Ok, so now I have to get married to be able to use my favorite lipstick. Sadly, many a times, you’ll find women themselves spreading such notions. To all those getting the same useless pieces of advice, be sure with one thing, you look damn beautiful and they are only jealous to see you that way. Keep using your favorite shades, they suit you and that’s why they are your favorite.

Your judgments have got nothing to do with the personal space of another person. So better you keep them to yourself. Just STOP judging. It’s Wicked.

Length Of The Dress Is Directly Proportional To A Woman’s Character

This stranger was confident enough to suggest to me that I should wear pants with my midi dress. I knew sexism is about to venture into my inbox. So I told him that he has a bad dressing sense and blocked him. You see, even after blocking someone, or giving them an earful, the displaced mentality persists. Why am I not supposed to wear dresses that I love, and that I feel, will suit me? Because I have a uterus? Wow!

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Dear women, stop seeking approval from men only because you want to be portrayed as a perfect girlfriend or wife.  Stop changing your lipstick shade only because your boyfriend doesn’t want you to wear darker shades. And most importantly, stop advising other women on what they should wear and what they shouldn’t.

The society may be justifying male lust

When Arjun Kapoor criticized Alia for her Shorts in 2 States, I was 15 and I never thought of it to be a serious problem. Let me put the exact dialogues to make you understand. Krrish (Arjun Kapoor) tells Ananya (Alia Bhatt) if she wants to excite people because of the length of her shorts, saying, Tumhare shorts Kuch zyada short nahi hain? Kya tum logo ko excite karna chahti ho? Amazingly forthright Ananya replies, Tum log na, already bahut excited ho! And that seems to be a logical answer. Clothes, lipsticks and bra strap are just some excuses given by promiscuous men to justify their lust.

It’s not only about the men and the society but it is also up to us as to how we want to be treated. Stop chasing men’s approval only because you want to be portrayed as a perfect girlfriend or wife. Stop wearing suit/saree only because your husband likes. Stop changing your lipstick shade only because your boyfriend doesn’t want you to wear dark shades. Stop changing your hairstyles only because you want to be a perfect woman in the eyes of society. And most importantly, stop policing what women wear, and let them be.

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The views expressed are the author’s own.