Hyderabad Woman Returns From Saudi Arabia After 13 Months

Hyderabad Woman Returns Saudi Arabia

Chand Bee, who had to forcefully live in Saudi Arabia for 13 months returned to Hyderabad on 27 June reported the TOI. The woman from Humayunagar was promised a ladies tailor’s job, but the situation changed after she landed in the Kingdom. On reaching Saudi Arabia, instead of taking her to Riyadh, the agent allegedly took her to Haffar Al Batin in the eastern province of the country located almost 430 km away from Riyadh. She has demanded immediate police action against the Agent, Mohd Adiil who deceitfully sent her to the Arab Kingdom.

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Bee claims that she was harassed and was forced to work in the fields. She was also made to take care of the animals as well as and work as a housemaid. Her condition became worse as she wasn’t allowed to sleep or eat food. Continuous work combined with lack of sleep and deficiency of nutrition resulted in hospitalization for her.

After being subjected to such extreme conditions she wished to come back and conveyed the same to her employer. But to her surprise, he asked her to pay him 11,000 Saudi Riyals. In a video message by her, she said, “With no help coming from the government and I could not stay there anymore, my family members managed to transfer Rs 2.05 lakh into the account of the employer and I managed to return.”

“My advice to women is not to go to Saudi Arabia or any Gulf country. You will be exploited there,” she added.

She has also demanded action against the inspector of the Humayunagar Police Station for not filing a case despite her complaint.

People from the subcontinent and South East Asian nations voluntarily travel to Saudi Arabia for better job prospects. They go there to work as domestic workers or other low-skilled labourers. Many are known to have faced restrictions on movement, withholding of passports, threats, physical or sexual abuse, and non-payment of wages.

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Kriti Dwivedi is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv