Gurugram Police Station To Set Up Women Help Desks For Priority Help

The help desk will ensure that complainant women will not have to sit for long in the police station for registering their complaints. Counselling would also be provided to the women complainants.

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gurgaon Women Help Desk

Gurugram police authority announced that it will set up women help desks in every police station of Gurugram within two weeks from now. This has been initiated in order to help distressed women in the city and ease their access to priority aid. The help desks will operate from a separate room in the police stations.


Women help desk for Priority redressal

A senior official reportedly stated, "With the operationalisation of women help desks, the complainant women will not have to sit for long in the police station for registering their complaints. This ensures immediate help to the complainant. The women can directly approach the help desks and their grievance would be addressed at the earliest. Furthermore, counselling would be provided to the women complainants."

He also talked about the strengthening the three existing women police stations in Gurugram for increasing women's safety and comfort.

K. K. Rao, Gurugram Police Commissioner, also said, "In the coming year the police department would undertake action to begin women help desks at all the police stations in Gurugram. The police would put in efforts for the safety of women and children across the district."

Durga Shakti Rapid Action Team

Apart from setting up women desks, Gurugram police authority also talked about 'Durga Shakti' Rapid Action for the safety of women. 'Durga Shakti' Rapid Action Force will have various teams present at schools and colleges. Moreover, the police will also tighten security at multiple public places where a large number of molestation and street harassment cases have been registered in. Various coaching institutes, women's colleges, MG Road and Old DLF area are some of the areas.


Crimes against women in Gurugram in 2020

Gurugram, Haryana, reported a huge number of cases of violence against girls and women in 2020.

The Gurgaon Police stated that during the lockdown till April 15, quite a few complaints of domestic violence were reported on the women’s helpline number. Furthermore, many of the cases required medical intervention.

There were many reported cases of molestation and rape in the city. Recently, a tuberculosis patient was allegedly raped by a hospital worker in ICU room. Read more about it here. 

In another case, A 20-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a private company’s executive in Gurugram on the pretext of being cast in a Youtube video. Read more about it here.

Furthermore, a case was also reported in September where a man raped his friend's wife and daughter on separate instances. He also reportedly gave them sedatives. Read more about it here.

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