Gurugram: Man booked for raping woman and her daughter after giving sedatives

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A man was booked for allegedly raping a woman and her minor daughter at gunpoint after giving them sedatives, on separate instances, the police said on Friday. The two incidents of the assault took place in March and August this year, but neither the mother nor the daughter approached the police out of fear, reports stated.

Timeline of the Case:

  • Man posing as a friend of a woman’s husband starts visiting their home
  • He again comes to her house on 19th March, gives medicine laced with sedatives
  • Woman falls unconscious; he rapes her and makes a video to blackmail her
  • Rapes her several times and threatens to shoot her and daughter
  • Accused visits woman’s mother’s home, where daughter was staying
  • Sexually assaults the minor as he brings her on pretext of taking her to the minor’s mother
  • Poses as a relative in front of landlord and flees with woman’s belongings

The woman, reportedly a homemaker, registered a complaint against the man with the police on Thursday. An FIR was registered following this at Sector 10 police station. The police identified the suspect as the man they had arrested earlier this week in another case related to possession of an illegal weapon.

The woman in the report claimed that the man posed as a friend of her husband who died of a heart attack in June. He used to visit their house on the pretext of checking upon her husband.

In March the woman’s husband had gone out of town to stay with a friend after suffering from a heart attack. She said that on 19th of the month, he again came to the house on the pretext of giving her medicine as she had a low-blood pressure. The medicine was laced with a sedative, consuming which she fell unconsciousness. “He raped me and recorded a video of the incident. When I confronted him, he pulled out a gun and threatened to kill my family. I did not share the ordeal as I was scared,” she said in the FIR.

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Man sexually assaulted her daughter too

When the woman accompanied her husband to Rohtak as he had suffered another heart attack after the incident. She reportedly said that her daughter had been staying at her mother’s house during her stay in Rohtak. The accused then went there and made up a lie that he was there to take the daughter to Rohtak as well. He took the 14-year-old to his friend’s house and sexually assaulted her after giving her a sedative. “The man threatened her too with a gun. He even told her that he would kill all of us if she told anyone,” the 31-year-old told the police.

Furthermore, the man posed as a relative of the family in front of the landlord. He took away all of the woman’s belongings. A police official said that the incident was reported after the daughter ‘shared the ordeal with her mother’, who was unaware of that angle to the case. “An FIR was registered immediately, and the woman and her minor daughter were provided counselling,” the official said.

Shikha Chandra is an intern with SheThePeople TV