Girl Suffers Second-Degree Burns After Airline Crew Spills Beverage

While the family has alleged that the airline did not provide enough support, the carrier in a statement said it has arranged their return to India and will foot the medical bills

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A 10-year-old allegedly suffered second-degree burns on her left leg after a hot beverage accidentally spilt on her by an airline crew member. The incident took place on a Vistara flight from Delhi to Frankfurt on August 11 when the minor girl was traveling with her family. 

The family have alleged that Air Vistara has not apologised nor have they paid any medical costs.

In a tweet, Rachna Gupta, the girl's mother stated that she received first aid from a paramedic and that the airline arranged an ambulance for them. In the same tweet, she says that the air hostess who spilt the drink on the little girl did not apologise, nor did any member of the cabin crew. 

In another tweet, she details how she got a call from the airline with a standard scripted apology, but no further action was taken by the airline


In later tweets, Rachna alleges that her agent in India would not help as the incident was not reported in Vistara. Furthermore, Vistara themselves refuse to help them come back to India, and they were essentially abandoned in Frankfurt.

With no knowledge of German, and with their daughter suffering 2nd-degree burns, Tara’s family had to fend for themselves. 


What did Vistara Response

In a statement, Air Vistara responded to the incident, confirming that “an unfortunate incident occurred onboard UK25 flying from Delhi to Frankfurt on 11 August 2023, where a child sustained injuries due to spillage of hot beverage on the body.” The statement revealed that Vistara’s cabin crew had spilt the drink because the 10-year-old girl was “playful during the service.”

The airline further confirmed that they ensured that Tara got medical help immediately from a paramedic onboard after her injury and that an ambulance was arranged for the little girl to take her and her mother to a hospital. 

“Our teams have been in touch with the customer ever since,” the statement read. “We have already facilitated their early return to India, arranged for ground transportation in Frankfurt, met them at the airport and extended extensive on-aground support,” said the airline. “We have conveyed to the customer that all medical expenses arising from this incident will be reimbursed by us,” they added.

Air Vistara’s statement also revealed that the incident was a learning experience for them, stating that “we are also reviewing and refining our process, wherever required, to ensure such situations are avoided in the future.”

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