Air India air hostess’ recent complaint of sexual harassment at the hands of a senior official took a new turn with another letter to the minister. Earlier, she alleged of being sexually harassed, for six years, by a senior employee and also of being systematically denied justice by the organization’s women’s cell.

In a new letter to ministers, Suresh Prabhu and Maneka Gandhi, the employee revealed the name of the accused.

She claimed that no action has been taken against Capt. Darryl Pais despite assurances from the ministers.

In a fresh letter, the hostess again voiced what ordeal she has been going through. She addressed the new letter to the Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu and Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi, and claimed to have received no action against the accused thus far.

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“We earnestly hope that we do not have to take another route,” the new letter reads.

She said she is “shocked” to see that the AI management is still covering up for the senior executive. She also revealed when approached to the internal complaints committee (ICC) chairperson, she was allegedly told, “So what, he flirts with me too”, the in-charge of the in-flight service department.

The woman has also named the ICC chairperson, Aroona Gopalakrishnan.

Speaking of another woman, the executive allegedly said, she “needs a good hard f**k”; “Your a** looks so hot in traditional clothes,” among other things, the complainant said in her letter.

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“After months of follow-up, we suddenly got a mail from ICC chairperson, saying, ‘ICC has concluded its enquiry, if you have any witnesses from serving Air India employees only, bring them in 24 hours or we close the case’”, she added.

The woman even questioned the Supreme Court-mandated sexual harassment guidelines. She ended the letter saying, “The Prime Minister is focused on women and our development. How will women ever gain strength to remain in the workforce if this is how we are treated at work?”

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