Vistara airline‘s Chief Commercial Officer Sanjiv Kapoor won hearts on Twitter by taking a stand for the airline’s staff on Twitter. A passenger had taken to Twitter to complain about an employee of Vistara sleeping in the lounge area. Sanjiv Kapoor gave him a reply that not only made the passenger delete his tweet but also got the Vistara CCO applause on social media.

What The Passenger Tweeted

The passenger had tweeted an image of an air hostess taking a nap in the lounge of Bengaluru‘s Kempegowda Airport. “Your cabin crew providing a negative image of Vistara at BLR Domestic lounge on December 3 at 4:25 pm. Please improve your image provided by the cabin crew,” the passenger wrote. Trying to make a point about the inefficient staff, he uploaded the picture of a sleeping air hostess, thus invading her privacy.

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How The Vistara CCO Responded

Vistara‘s CCO Sanjiv Kapoor responded to the tweet by standing up for his employees. His response went viral and is being praised. Twitter is calling him the kind of boss everyone would want. Kapoor said that their crew is human too. “We do not condone such photos being taken of our crew or customers without their permission, nor do we think it is correct to post such photos on social media. Our crew is the finest in the industry, and are human too. We suggest you do the right thing and take the photo down.”

Kapoor’s response went viral. This led to the passenger deleting his original tweet.

How Twitter Reacted

Twitter came together to applaud Kapoor’s response. They commended him while also condemning the person for taking the picture, violating consent and privacy of a person. Jaspreet Bindra said that he fully supports Vistara and Sanjiv Kapoor. “You guys have set a very high bar, and are the best out there, perhaps globally.”

Many people are applauding Kapoor’s skills as a boss, expressing that they would also want such bosses.

Harnidh Kaur commended Sanjiv Kapoor, writing that it was “good to see someone standing up for employees.”

After the response went viral, Sanjiv Kapoor thanked everyone the next day. He tweeted, “Thank you all for your positive and supportive comments. It means a lot to us and to all crew everywhere. To those asking why this crew was napping in the lounge: she was on a break between flights, and the lounge was specifically provided for the crew to rest in.”

The passenger not only deleted his tweet but also made his Twitter account private.

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Picture Credit: NDTV

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