On April 4 in a Vijaywada hospital, Chinnabattina Mytri Tejaswini was declared brain dead by doctors. The 27-year-old techie had suffered severe head injury the previous night after a drunk constable hit the bike she was travelling on. Though the doctors tried to save her, she stopped responding to the treatment. However, her family showed immense courage in their moment of grief and donated her organs to give a new lease of life to six others.

Tejaswini, an active campaigner of organ donation, had participated in many programs for the cause. The family members initially waited with hope that she might respond to treatment.

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Beliefs still alive

When the Jeevan Dhan trust approached the family for organ donation, they were hesitant. However, the representatives from Jeevan Dhan and the pastor of the church Tejaswini visited counselled the family members. They convinced them to keep alive Tejaswini’s values by donating her organs.

Her father, sister and brother finally agreed for organ donation. Metro hospital doctors then made necessary arrangements to harvest her vital organs. The procedure was completed by 4 pm on Thursday. The police provided a green channel for transportation of organs.

Tejaswini’s heart was given to Global Hospital in Chennai and liver to Apollo hospital in Visakhapatnam. One of her kidneys was given to Vijaya Hospital in Vijayawada and the other one to Narayana Hospital in Nellore. Both her eyes were donated to L V Prasad hospital in Vijayawada.

D Gautam Sawang, city police commissioner, assured all help from police department. He also assured severe punishment for the constable who was responsible for the accident.

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