Heart Transplant Gives New Lease Of Life To 12-Year-Old

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12-year-old Trisha Mandal from Adilabad in Telangana recently got a new lease of life after a successful heart transplant in Hyderabad.

Jeevandan, the state organ donation programme, made available the heart of a 14-year-old girl who had died in another hospital. She had similar body weight and heart size as Trisha.

A team of doctors, led by Dr Sandeep Attawar, the head of cardiac surgery at Continental hospital, carried out the heart transplant on July 19.

Trisha was suffering from a rare condition called dilated cardiomyopathy, with severe left ventricular dysfunction. The condition occurs in about 1-2 cases per lakh children

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Sunil Kumar Swain, a paediatric cardiac surgeon, said, “With August 13 being Organ donation Day, news of Trisha’s successful surgery couldn’t have come at a better time.”

He thanked Telangana Arogysari Health Care Trust, which had funded the surgery with support from Fortis Foundation, and the Continental Hospital’s transplant team.

Telangana tops in heart disease deaths

According to data, Telangana recorded the highest number of people dying due to heart diseases in the country. There were 3,545 deaths among those aged 55-64 years.

Among children too, heart disease is a concern. As many as 1,812 children aged 1-4 years suffered from it. But with recent advancements in the field of cardiovascular disease treatment, the situation has got better.

The first successful paediatric heart transplant was performed at Star Hospital in Hyderabad on April 4, 2017. After that, doctors have carried out several successful heart surgeries across the state.

Last year, the family of a 21-year-old from Erode in Tamil Nadu, who had lost her life in an accident,  donated her kidneys, heart, skin and eyes. The donation gave a new lease of life to several people.

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