The heart-warming story of 76-year-old Shashi Bala Gupta will reaffirm your faith in humanity. The woman who worked as a nurse suffered irreversible brain damage after a cardiac arrest last week in Dubai. It was, however, her last wish to donate all her organs, including the skin. Hence, she was flown in from Dubai in a critical state.

“It is difficult to donate organs in Dubai due to the legalities involved. But we had to fulfil our mother’s last wish so we flew her to Delhi,” Naveen Gupta, her son who heads the business operations of a private company in Dubai, told TOI.

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He added that his mother always wished to donate organs, including the skin, after her death. Not many people know how burns patients suffer due to unavailability of skin grafts. But she had seen it all when she was posted at the burns unit of Safdarjung hospital.

“My mother’s act would inspire even others to do so,” – Naveen Gupta

The doctors at Max Hospital, Saket, declared Shashi Bala brain dead on Sunday. Her liver was used to save a 55-year-old woman battling liver failure. Doctors said her corneas have been preserved and the skin sent to Safdarjung for grafting onto burns patients.

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Organs donated in the past

In the past also, the former nurse donated one of her kidneys to her neighbour. Her family members dissuaded her but she was firm on her decision. That was when she expressed her desire to donate her organs after her death.

It is good to see a person endeavouring to make a difference in this strife-torn world. We salute the lady’s efforts to save others’ lives.

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