Facebook Should Get Back To Baby Pictures, Says Susan Wojcicki

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The social networking giant Facebook is evolving with its new video content. Should this increasing competition from the rival site be a matter of concern for YouTube? YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki laughs it off, saying she and her company are not threatened at all.

Wojcicki was speaking at Recode’s Code Media conference on February 12 when she said, “They (FB) should get back to baby pictures rather than attempt to become a video platform that competes with YouTube,” according to a report on CNBC.

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When a journalist asked her whether she’s worried about Facebook’s growing video ambitions, she replied, “I mean you always have to take your competitors seriously, but you don’t win by looking backwards and looking around.”

Currently, the two top companies are battling to become the web’s go-to video platform

She said she was unaware of Facebook’s latest video feature aside from what’s already been reported about, but the company is taking care of their business concern first rather than rivalry.

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“I’m not an expert about Facebook. They’re experts in it and they should do what’s best for their business. And look, we should all compete for content. I build our business and I focus on what we need to do, and I know that we have a lot of things to do. You can always remind me of all the things that we need to do and we’re going to keep doing them because that’s the way that we’re going to get stronger,” Wojcicki said.

Facebook is expanding, sure. It has a new form of making videos quickly available to users, true. But when it comes to sentiments, it is certainly not a threat to YouTube


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The video-focused site has been dominating the market since forever and the social media network has never been considered as a serious competitor in that space. Yes, its viral videos are gem but not compared to YouTube since it doesn’t even let you search for a video of your choice within the page.

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