Gender influences our communication on Facebook: Study

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So we all know that men and women behave differently. And apparently our behavioural differences extend to our online personalities as well. A recent study by three international universities has revealed that your gender has a huge influence on how you speak or act or express yourself on Facebook, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The studies reiterate the notion that women often act warmer and use more agreeable language than men on Facebook. The study conducted by psychologists and computer scientists from Stony Brook University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Melbourne in Australia, analysed over 65,000 consenting Facebook users in some 10 million messages of the words voiced. They used a technique to research based on the algorithms of language use – via which it was concluded that 90% of time simply by observing the  messages and the language use, researchers could predict whether it was a male or female.

“In many ways, the topics most used by women versus men are not surprising — they fit common gender stereotypes,” noted psychologist Dr Margaret Kern from University of Melbourne, as reported by Hindustan Times.  The analysis automatically differentiated women and men by how they acted or spoke online.

Women and Facebook

Women use more agreeable language on Facebook than men: Study ( Picture Credit: telegraph.co.uk)

So what do Facebook users think of the study?

“I can’t generalize the whole concept, but I personally try and be as positive as I can while using social media, because it already has a lot of negativity around. But I do think gender stereotype has a lot to do when we express ourselves in social media”, 24 years old Bhaswati Deb, a PR professional said.

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The study also concluded that women use some common words like wonderful, happy, birthday, daughter, baby, excited and thankful, while when men use freedom, liberty, win, lose, battle and enemy.

“I think the study is correct in prospective of women behavior and the way they care to choose language on Facebook but guys rather are prone in using more slang than women I believe. But on the other side, It is high time to realise that not all guys are mean or act offensive online unless and until they are fostered to do so. Not nodding for heavy words like battle or enemy, however, we guys believe in complementing girls”, says musician Arijit Dev, who is 25 years old Arijit Dev.

However, 26 years old Yazhini K Ayyanathan, has a different view – “People try to pretend something that they are not when they are on social media. Which leads girls being extra sweet which they probably are not in real life.” Now that’s a candid opinion, isn’t?

“Yes, gender influences the way we express ourselves on Facebook, and mostly people are different in real life than what they seem online. While girls have a tendency of showing extra love, guys do tend to pretend they are extra tough in the social media space” says 25 years old Ashwath Shiva Surya, very matter of fact.  Her opinion is confirmed by the study as well, which concluded that women are friendly, and behave calm in social life unlike men who are angry and swear more, and discuss objects more than people.

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My Take:

A common gender stereotypical attempt again! Again women versus men theorem! For argument sake, yes we ladies are polite online but that doesn’t mean we don’t give it back when provoked. We know what a winking emoticon is and what is a trolling fight. Yes it is easy to distinct language usage between men and women, the way we interact – differences are noticeable – however, that doesn’t makes us less assertive than men.

Feature Image Credit: innerself.com

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