Shame on you for not knowing how to tie a saree says Sabyasachi

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“I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a saree, I would say shame on you.”

These are the words of the famous fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Yes the same one who does long expensive, embellished drapes and is particularly famous for his sarees.

As one of top designers, renowned to make women look beautiful in ethnic wear found fault with women of his country for not having a proper ‘education’ in wearing saree. He went on to criticise women especially the younger generation for not knowing how to drape a saree.

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“It’s a part of your culture, (you) need stand up for it,” Sabyasachi told Indian students at the Harvard India Conference who runs the designer merchandise using the label Sabyasachi.

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The designer knows his art and is praised by all in the fashion scene but while responding to a question on what difficulties women face in draping a saree, he chose to criticize women rather than being a friendly adviser. He believes the garment is the most wonderful dress in the world and it has its own fan following around the globe.

He also said that people across countries admire it and Indian women are identified with it.

Sabyasachi then brought up Deepika Padukone’s name, saying, “She wears sarees at all the places she goes,” he told the participants. When asked why he decided to launch a label of Indian clothing, Sabyasachi claimed he found a “major disconnect” when he observed the disruption in Indian society where women and men losing touch with their roots. Twitteratti took him on big time. AIB Founder Tanmay Bhat tweeted an image from Sabyasachi’s website saying “May be women are not wearing sarees because you are selling them at 80K”

“They are becoming socially insecure”, he rued.

“Women and men are trying very hard to be something that they are not. Your clothing should be a part of who you are and connect you to your roots,” he added.

The designer further added, “It’s a relationship of misunderstanding. It’s easy to wear a saree. Wars have been fought in saree. Grandmothers have slept in saree and have women up without any folds to it.”

While making the statement, when it came to argue about what men should wear the designer said, “Indian women have kept alive the saree, but the dhoti is dead.”

Listen to his remarks here:


When asked what it would take for the saree to go global, Sabyasachi said, “I would be very honest with you. I think that cultural clothing should stay within the domain of a particular country, because when you take it out, it becomes a costume and then it does not remain sustainable.”




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