YouTube Marches Towards Gender Diversity By Hiring More Women

Susan Wojcicki

There are few women who believe in lifting up other women as soon as they come to power. One such quintessential woman is Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, who has been striving to promote gender equality by roping in more and more women in her company.

With Susan at the helm, YouTube has increased the number of women in its ranks from 24 to nearly 30 per cent. She, however, feels that a lot needs to be done in this direction. “Clearly, we and other companies still have a lot of work to do,” the CEO wrote in an oped for Vanity Fair. Her post also touched upon the recent cases of harassment reported at Uber and Tesla and the dire need to make women feel secure at workplaces.

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YouTube seems to surpass Google in terms of ensuring gender equality. She reiterated the fact that making workplaces sensitive towards the needs of women and saving them from harassment is not “rocket-science” and can be achieved with concerted efforts.

Hiring more and more women is the sole solution to address the rampant gender discrimination in companies – Susan Wojcicki

Through her post, she tried to establish an intrinsic relationship between more women at work and better company performance. A greater gender diversity leads to better outcomes, fuels innovation and GDP growth. She further suggested that CEOs should make gender-diversity a personal choice so that tech industries can become stronger and innovative.

Hiring more women at different levels can do a lot of good. The next big challenge to overcome is to improve the conditions under which women work. The subtle sexism that harms women’s growth needs to go, giving way to a more healthy competition that propel’s a company’s growth.

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