Determined to be a Freelance Writer? Here's How to build your portfolio

Dec 13, 2017 07:21 IST
Determined to be a Freelance Writer? Here's How to build your portfolio

Is writing out your heart and mind and your passion? Well, there exist a thousand opportunities for writers. But If you are someone who wants to be an independent contractor and not belong to or write for any company you can get into freelance writing. Freelance writing can be chosen for both hobbies or as a career.


So here are some tips for you that can help ease your way into freelance writing.

Identifying your niche

It is super important to identify and choose the right niche. Choose a niche that you have interest in, that way you will not end up spending majority of your time in research. As a beginner, try to focus on 2-3 topics in the areas of your interest that are trending.


Take up a course in writing

If you're new to writing or do not possess degrees in Journalism or English, it's better if you take up a course writing. It can be a certificate or diploma course as well. There are a lot of correspondence courses available as well. You can check out the details on online websites like ‘Coursera.’ This will add up to your credentials.

Create a website


Creating a website isn't rocket science. All you need is Wordpress and time. It is really simple to create a website yourself without the assistance of a web designer. But keep in mind that your website should be able to reflect your niche to the viewer. It should explain your background and present your portfolio.

Use social media to your advantage

Being a freelance writer in this digitised era, you need to connect to people as much as you can in order to establish yourself.


Use social media platforms to your utmost advantage and get connected with people around. It's easy and cost-free way to market yourself.

Always be well researched

If you have decided what company or magazine you want to work for, next thing you have to do is research. The goal is not to write what you wish to, but what the company wants you to write. So try finding out as much as you can about the company. In case it is a magazine, see their writing style, topics that they cover, etc.


Be comfortable in working alone

Freelance writing would obviously mean that you will be working from home, which may sometimes tend to get a little lonely. Even if you are surrounded by people at your home you may feel boxed or working in a vacuum. A good way to deal with this is to get around people as much as possible. Try writing in public places like parks, cafes, libraries, etc.

Gain experience through internships


If you are still in college or just done with school, the best way to gather some experience as a freelance writer would be by interning. You might not get paid much or at all, the experience you’ll gain will teach you a lot. It may seem that interning at print or broadcast media is more attractive, but to be honest interning for a digital space, you will be able to learn much more than writing like digital marketing, WordPress, and much more.

Websites, like ‘Internshala’ and ‘LinkedIn’ may help you find internships online.

Showcase your work

Whatever niche you have decided upon or whatever work you have done in the past, don't forget to put them up on the portfolio page of your website. Think of sharing it on other platforms as well. Keep submitting your writings as a guest to as many blogs as possible.


Getting recommendations from clients

Get testimonials from your previous clients. Ask your happy clients to give a feedback in writing, preferably reviews that you can put up on your website. You can even get their name and picture if they grant consent, for credibility. This way your viewers and potential clients will have an apt idea about your quality of work.

Get Connected

Get connected to people and companies depending on your niche. Send out emails marketing yourself. Or create an account on LinkedIn and get connected to like-minded people. Tell them about your work, credentials, work published by any reputed agency and link to your website.

Don't forget to ask for a reply. It's absolutely okay getting ignored or rejected. Try again and keep trying.


Try to maintain professionalism in your writing and don't stop writing. Write in your own unique way, follow these tips and win your way through freelance writing.

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Heena Mangani is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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