The Question is Not Whether We Do Social Media; it is How Well We Do It


Women in the world are becoming social influencers and at the same time running their homes too.
Media has now enabled them enough to keep a check and be perfect in both the roles. It is the media that has brought issues related to women in the limelight. It is now that movies such as ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’, ‘Phullu’ are widely accepted by the audiences.

The digital campaigns like My Body, My Choice question the freedom women have today. Not only this we have seen the various cookery channels by women like Nisha Madhulika and Neeta Mehta on YouTube running successfully. It is this digital platform which has provided a way for women to exhibit to the world their talent. Women even have beauty tutorials followed by millions every month. Arenas like PopXo provide such great opportunities to participate. This all not only leads to them working, but also increases their self-esteem and creates a place for them in the society. Digital media provides a place for alternate voices which otherwise are oppressed. The Indian Women’s Cricket Team now has a following of millions and a huge support.

This not only uplifts women but also brings them to the arena of contribution in national economy.

Be it working from home or being financially independent digital media has provided it all. This not only uplifts women but also brings them to the arena of contribution in national economy. What remains is bridging the digital divide where only a minimal percentage of women own mobile out of which only a few are familiar with its varied applications. There is strongly a need to overcome this barrier and bring women at par in level of digital media consumption. A lot has already been provided and the list id going on.

Never forget forgiving someone is a gift to them but moving on is a gift to yourself. So move on to
achieve what you aspire to!!!

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Shraddha Acharya studies Journalism at  Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. The views expressed in this column are the author’s own.