Working from home? Here are 8 tips to make it effective

Working from home

In a digitally and technologically driven world, need for an office to run any business is almost redundant. At least that’s where the world is going. Technology has empowered people to start up business from the comfort of their home. Aspiring entrepreneurs – especially women looking for opportunity foresee – working from home as a better option to balance life and work effectively. There are others who believe it cuts the cost flab at the start itself. And besides there is no traffic to deal with, no sweaty journeys in the train, no waste of time at the bus stops and no debate over the cold air-conditioning. To ensure you get up and move, put in your best, here are eight tips for working from home.


1. Set your priority: Working from home at times leads to constant procrastination. Even though you are bustling with ideas, you may not be moving on them. In order to avoid that, one must have a schedule planned to prioritise important work. This would not only help accomplish the desired goal but will also help you manage work but social life. So go out there and get those to-do lists out!

2. Self discipline: Avoiding distraction is the key to accomplishment. Although taking regular breaks during work is imperative to keep you going, may sure you are not getting distracted from your core work. Being focused and self-disciplined can help you work effectively from home.

3. Attitude matters: Professional attitude towards work is really important. Working from home sure makes for an informal environment, but you need to be available on calls or messages if and when needed. Try and make the conversations sound professional so that the client does not question the quality of your work.

4. Self-motivation: Since there is no boss or supervisor looking at the way you work, there will come a time when you question your work or your life. But it is then that you need to remind yourself that work from home is no different from working from office.

5. Stay focused: When people get to know that you work from home, they might think that you are free all the time. But that’s never the case. Make it clear to everyone that your work is no different from theirs

6. Take a break when needed: Don’t sit in front of the computer screen all day long checking emails. Allow your self to take small breaks so that you are able to concentrate on your work better.

7. Set up a work station: Try and have your own work station in one corner of the house, so that you get the feel of a working environment. Simply put your own work station. This will keep you focussed and also give you a sense of work-belonging at your home.

8. Dress in style: So what if you are not going to work like your friends, you can still dress like a professional, rather it will just add to your productivity. Most of all it will make you feel good. Now it doesn’t have to be a black suit but could be something that let’s you feel positive and oriented.

Photo Credit: media1.onsugar.com