China Cracks Down On Child Pornography Cases

Spycam Pornography

Recently, nine cases of online child pornography came to the fore in China. The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications made these public. It included child porn material along with indecency with underage girls through videos or words.

Besides cases on child pornography, there were two involving publications. According to state-run news agency Xinhua, these publications were unlicensed or involved copyright violation.

Authorities respond quickly

Authorities have dealt with cases involving sexual or violent content at popular video sharing and cartoon websites. The information has also been made public. It is expected that quick action will be taken in the matter.

Indian Scenario

In India, possession of pornographic material in itself is not illegal. But its publication and distribution is a breach of law. In regard to child pornography, India has imposed a complete ban on it to protect children from being violated. Yet, there are a number of child porn videos on the internet.

Recently, the Indian government launched a portal to receive complaints about child pornography on the internet. The website www.cyberpolice.gov.in, as well as a helpline number ‘155260’, were launched

These are expected to help the government crack down on child porn videos on the internet.

MHA has asked all states to set up a cyber cell in state police headquarters to look into complaints of child pornography. It has insisted on a timely probe. On the portal, people can register complaints anonymously. They are also allowed to share the link or upload the video to the portal based on which police can take action. Child pornography is a serious violation of children’s rights to decency and privacy. Many girls become pawns in the business and are repeatedly exploited. These measures are expected to help the government curb child porn circulation.

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