China's Breast Model Contest Hypersexualises Women's Bodies

Yamini Pustake Bhalerao
Mar 15, 2018 07:42 IST
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Move over standards like a pretty face, gorgeous smile, luscious hair, or curvaceous figure, because the spotlight is now on women’s bosoms. Students from various universities across China participated in a Breast Model Contest, held in the middle of a farmland near Zhejiang province.


The winner will get a chance to appear as a nude body double for actresses who are not comfortable showing their bodies on camera.

Hypersexualisation of female body parts

Objectification of women leads to hypersexualisation of women’s bodies. Our personality, intelligence, nature and compassion cease to be of any value, as the world cares only about our flesh. Beauty standards around the world have always been skin deep, and this is most obvious in beauty pageants.


While many pageants claim to test intelligence and compassion of contestants, in the end, it is all about physical appearance. Which means while it is okay to overlook other attributes, there is no compromise with the standard of beauty. It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that now the most intimate parts of our bodies are also being compared and rated. How does one even judge a woman’s breast paying no attention to her face, or body, or her personality?

Is she put on a mental autopsy table and cut open, ridding her of the face and body, then of her soul and intelligence, till all that remains in focus is a pair of breasts?

These pageants will not stop unless women stop participating in them


In this particular pageant, the price is getting a chance to step in as a breast double for diffident female actors. So women are willingly walking in to earn some cash to expose themselves. By putting a cost on their body parts, women end up reducing the value of their intelligence and personality.

Men like ogling at women’s naked bodies, that is the sad truth. While it calls for a mass moment to sensitise them of objectification, we have to stop aiding them in reducing us to just bodies. For many, it's all about winning the title, of having best breasts, or legs or smile or even hair. How else can we justify a competition like a Breast model contest where women willingly crush balloons and hold smartphones using only their cleavage?

Numerous Women hail such beauty pageants and contests saying they promote body acceptance and confidence booster. But Breast model contest is both derogatory and insensitive. Instead of promoting body positivity and acceptance, it rubs our natural imperfections in our face. Such hypersexualisation of breasts will only give rise to low self-esteem and Body Dysmorphia among women.


The quest for perfect breast might push more women to resort to surgical procedures like breast reduction or implants. In a way, this sends a message that plastic or acquired beauty is way superior to natural beauty.

Each of us is unique and special, so are our bodies. By showing a desire to one-up other women, we end up giving people a chance to objectify us. If we want to stop giving others the power to judge us on any parameter, then we should unanimously shun such contests.

Picture Credit: Emaze

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