Women’s Safety: Delhi Govt Wants Child Locks Removed From Cabs

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In a bid to bolster women’s safety, the transport ministry has asked vehicle and equipment manufacturers to find a solution so that every commercially registered vehicle rolling out of a showroom is without a child lock system.

This step has been taken in the wake of a recent harassment case in Bengaluru.  A cab driver took advantage of the child lock system to harass a woman passenger.

Transport ministry officials discussed the issue with equipment and vehicle manufacturers in a meeting on 11 December. It was organised by the apex technical committee – which sets standards and specifications for vehicles.

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Based on the discussion, the transport ministry said, “Since no manufacturer knows which particular product will be registered as a cab or transport vehicle, the solution has to be at the end when the dealer dispatches the vehicle. The manufacturers have said there are ways out and passengers can disable the child locks before starting the journey,” as reported by TOI.

Recently, the Delhi government asked all commercial vehicle owners and drivers to use a sticker cautioning passengers to disable the child locks before starting the journey. This norm will be implemented in late December.

Role of Delhi Commission for Women

In August, Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Malliwal had called for the removal of child locks in private cabs. Malliwal sent a notice about this to the transport department. She that the child lock in cabs increases the possibility of crime against women.

“A woman should feel safe while travelling in a cab. The Delhi Commission for Women is working towards making cab journeys safer. A passenger cannot open the door from inside if the cab has a child lock, even if they wished to. This increases the possibility of a crime. The commission is also working towards getting the child lock disabled in cabs,”  Malliwal had said

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