This Video Talks About “Saving Our Boys” To Ensure Women’s Safety

Save Our Boys

It is very common in Indian households to see young girls being issued with a list of “do’s and don’ts” as soon as they reach a particular age. Besides this, Indian parents live with the constant fear of their daughters’ security lurking at the back of their minds. And their worries are not baseless. The rampant rise in cases of molestation is horrifying enough to invoke fear.

A video which recently surfaced on Facebook, however, attempts to help parents perceive the issue of women’s safety from a different angle altogether.

This video, posted by Keegan Pinto on his Facebook page, asks parents to “save their boys” following which the issue of women’s safety will automatically be taken care off. Going by his Facebook bio, Keegan Pinto is a music composer and a lyricist.

The video features pubescent boys trying to make their parents aware about why they need to be saved. They touch upon issues of domestic violence, sexual harassment, street sexual harassment and male chauvinism to convey their message.

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The video further talks about the need for parents to create an environment at home that reinforces gender equality.

Asha Singh, a mother of a pubescent son and daughter residing in Delhi, appreciates the video for its hard-hitting message.”We always teach our daughters to behave in a certain way. Now, it is time to teach our sons some valuable lessons. We need to redefine masculinity if we want to ensure our sons’ safety.”

The video concludes with a thought-provoking message-“If you save the boy child, the girls won’t need saving.”

Watch the video here and let us know your views-:

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