Chandigarh: Helmet Awareness Drive for Women Riders

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In a bid to persuade more and more women to wear a helmet while driving, the Chandigarh traffic police have started an awareness campaign. They have started distributing stickers with a message saying ‘Helmet saves her head too’ outside colleges and busy traffic junctions.

The government took the step in the wake of increasing number of accidents among women riders. A major reason behind this is that women generally don’t wear helmets while driving and those who do wear sub-standard helmets which are made of poor quality.

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The TOI quotes data which shows in the last five years, a total 116 women died from January 2013 to December 2017. 18 women in 2013 while 26 women lost their lives in 2014. However, in 2015, the city witnessed 13 deaths. In 2016, the figure went up to 22 and last year, the city recorded 18 deaths.

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 Since January 2013, as many as 116 women have lost their lives in accidents out of which maximum were two-wheeler riders.

The Traffic police distributed stickers. They also sensitized the women drivers about the benefits of wearing a helmet while riding two-wheelers. Police have also been persuading women pillion riders to wear a helmet while travelling on two-wheelers.

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Talking to TOI, traffic inspector Sita Devi said that an awareness campaign is going on in the city. We told women to wear helmets for themselves and their families. In case of accident, if drivers or pillion riders with helmets, there is 90 percent chance of his or her survival.

It is good to see the government taking stringent measures to cub the problem of rising accidents and trying their best to ensure safe driving among women.

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