Women Without Helmets More Prone To Accident: Study

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A recent study has come up with an interesting theory that women who ride bikes and scooters are more prone to accident because of a particular “side straddle” method of riding. The research, conducted by the Journal of Surgical Research at the capital’s Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center, came up with this conclusion.

The research is based on a survey of over 3,000 charts of trauma patients between April 2009 and March 2011. Out of these, 466 belong to pillion riders who met with a road accident. These included 108 men with helmets, 161 men without helmets, three women with helmets, and 194 women without helmets. This shows that more women who do not wear helmets met with a road accident as compared to men.

Fewer women use helmets than man. A Delhi-based woman tells SheThePeople.TV, “I just never felt the need to wear a helmet. I use my scooty to ride around in the neighbourhood, so it does not feel like I will get into trouble with the cops as well.”

Another girl, Pooja Batra, who studies in Delhi University, said that the police do not stop a woman rider for not wearing a helmet as much as they stop a man guilty of the same offence. “This gives women leverage over men for not wearing the helmet.” Pooja mentioned that she always makes sure she has her helmet with her whenever she steps out on her white Honda Activa.

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NCR-based Shivani Kathuria, on the other hand, articulated, “I ride safe, plus Faridabad is not a place where girls usually wear a helmet while riding around.”

The study also revealed that women have higher rates of head and neck injuries as compared to men which could be because of the gender difference in seating positions and riding style.

It is true that not many women riding a two-wheeler are seen wearing helmets as it is generally a neglected cause. The worst part is that people would not do for safety but in fear of the cops.

Many girls in Delhi NCR also wrap a scarf around their face to evade the sun light and tanning. A helmet can do all that and also provide safety in times of distress, but it is still a less chosen option.

Picture credit- News18