Viral: Matrimonial Ad Seeks Bride With Specific Bra And Waist Size, Netizens Outraged

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Viral Matrimonial Ad: A man posted a bizarre matrimonial ad on Reddit. In the ad, he listed down what he was looking for in his future wife.

He mentioned the age in which his future bride should be in. He also specified the bra size, waist size and even the feet size of the girl he wants to see as his future wife. He also wants her to be “fun but down to earth” adding that she should be manicured/pedicured and keep yourself fairly clean.

He added, “Be trustworthy, honest, and into movies, road trips, and family stuff… You must also have or love dogs and no kids. 18-26 year olds.”

This ad has been posted on the Betterhalf matrimony app and has gone so viral across various social media platforms that it has grabbed the attention of the matrimony app which issued a statement recently. It said, “Necessary action has been taken against the user for violating our User Terms and Conditions”

Some time ago, a 37-year-old Mysore-based man was seeking an absolutely ‘non-feminist’, ‘less than 26 years old’ and a ‘good cook’ as his bride.

The advertisement sought a “non-smoker, non-feminist, good cook, never been married before” potential wife. Read more about it here. 

In June, a matrimonial advertisement did rounds on social media when a Roman Catholic woman put a requirement for a groom of her religion and as a condition, she demanded a man who is fully vaccinated. The woman had claimed that she got both her vaccine shots against COVID-19. The advertisement was shared by Member of Parliament and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Twitter also. Read more about it here.

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