Bizzare: This Groom Almost Cancelled His Wedding Because The Bride Was Left-Handed

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Bride Eating With Left Hand: In a bizarre incident that took place, a groom decided to call off the wedding just because he had found out that his bride eats with her left hand. He was shocked at finding this out and decided to go back home. The incident took place in Lord Shiva temple in Kolagi in Dandeli in Karnataka.

The wedding was going on smoothly. Arrangements had been made for the newlyweds to have food together. It was during that time that the groom noticed that the girl ate with her left hand. He couldn’t accept this and the family decided to return.

The girl’s parents intervened and requested to settle misunderstandings through discussions. On realising that the groom’s side was stubborn, the girl’s parents called 112 helplines. The police, along with the lady staff, came and tried to convince the groom and his parents. Both the families were taken to a counseling center where the groom was advised not to call off the wedding. No case was registered relating to this incident, as per a report.

This is not the first time when either the bride or the groom decided to call off their wedding due to different reasons. For instance, a bride in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh refused to get married to the groom after he showed up drunk at the wedding venue.

In another incident, a bride called off the wedding after the groom failed to pronounce Urdu words. Priyanka Tripathi is another bride who refused to get married to the groom on the wedding day because the groom was doing a naagin dance and it embarrassed her. She chose to tie the knot with someone else the next day. Read more about it here.

Another badass bride, 22-year-old Sunita Singh, called off her wedding because her fiancé failed a drug test.

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