Bride Calls Off Wedding After Groom’s Nagin Dance

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The famous nagin dance always causes laughter and embarrassment. But one man took it too far. Anubhav Mishra decided he would do the dance at his wedding, and was so drunk and the dance was so embarrassing that his bride, Priyanka Tripathi, called off the wedding!

Even though the groom’s family tried to convince her to marry Mishra, the adamant bride refused. The groom had to then shamefacedly return home with his family. At one point, the skirmish threatened to get violent, and so the police were also called. The incident occurred in Shahjahanpur in UP.

Mishra decided to do the dance just before he was to be welcomed by the bride’s family. But as soon as the DJ played the nagin tune, he began to dance, while his friends showered currency notes on him.

The gutsy bride decided that the marriage was off. And the next day, she tied the knot with someone else!

The girl certainly has guts and stuck to her guns no matter how much her family and friends tried to convince her to marry the man. I admire her determination, and am also amused and amazed at her ex-fiance’s behaviour!

Earlier this year, another badass bride, 22-year-old Sunita Singh, called off her wedding because her fiancé failed a drug test.

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