5 changes in Bollywood films we need to see in 2021

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Bollywood Industry has been a Bollywood movie in 2020. Kangana Ranaut played the flag bearer of controversies, basically quintessential villain. The unsung hero remained Sushant Singh Rajput who’s demise was made a laughing stock by insensitive media and personal motives of the popular. Indian Narcotics Bureau turned to be the angry parents looking for drugs in every nook and corner.

Many actors lost out on screen time for the rest of their life.Its been sad, shocking and quite a dark thriller which is coming to an end. The content Bollywood has released throughout the year hasn’t been digestible too. It has precisely resembled “elaichis in biriyanis” and here are some changes we pledge Bollywood to make in 2021:

1.No More Remixes Please

Well, this is an ode to the legendary music we have grown up hearing. From “Tujhko Jo Paaya”  to “Tum Ho”, songs from the 2000’s have a certain nostalgia to them. Sure, some remixes have been awesome and made us dance to their tunes all night. But sacred songs which were hits of their own time,like Masakali and Das Bahane, have just been unnecessarily ruined for us now. 

2.We can do much more than Sequels, right?

Prequel. Movie. Sequel. Another sequel. The formula for infinity is L + = . That is just the number of sequels left for Bollywood audiences to see. And the fact of the matter is that the original is just so much more precious.

For example, Kapil Dev’s performance in 1983 was so legendary, that another performance by Kapil Dev like 1983 will not do justice to it. Movies- like Love Aaj Kal, which gave us songs that lay engraved on our playlists and scripts, human emotion lurches for have been recklessly given a sequel.

3.Seasonal sensitivity can stop

We just have to stop with theoretical sensitivity, Bollywood. Supporting social causes for good PR has gone very far on Instagram and Twitter with tearful paragraphs and exquisite statistics.


However, its high time Bollywood needs to step up and take accountability for its actions and promise to do better. Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Pandey released a song called “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” and it has received scathing backlash for extremely valid reasons.

4. Stop using minorities as humorous content

Kumar is found saying in the first ten seconds of the trailer, “jis din sach me mere saamne bhoot ayaa na, toh maa kasam chudiyaan pehen loonga”. Just take a moment to understand what content is being promoted by some of the top actors of the country.

5.Breaking the idea of normal

2020 broke the idea of normal and we believe, Bollywood should take the cue as well. Let there be movies against the common stereotypes. What will happen if societal norms will be revisited? There shall be normal. There shall be no default.

Consequently, the rate of acceptance shall be greater. There shall be less judgement. All kinds of perspectives and opinions of ways of living life shall be acceptable. That is exactly what we need. No lens of right or wrong, just plain acceptance. Also, if we could see more of Aayushman Khurrana in movies like Shubh Mangal Zyaada Sawdhaan, that would just be an icing on the cake.

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