Australian Woman Rents Half Her Bed, Earns Rs 42,000 A Month

An Australian woman Monique Jeremiah earns Rs 42,000 by sharing the empty side of her bed with a stranger, in a concept called hot bedding.

Pavi Vyas
Aug 26, 2023 09:48 IST
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An Australian woman earns Rs 42,000 by sharing the empty side of her bed with a stranger, in a concept called hot bedding. 

Monique Jeremiah has been making almost Rs 42,000 per month by renting her half side (empty side) of the bed to strangers. Jeremiah has been practising hot bedding - a concept that requires one to share a bed for a fee. 

What Is Hot Bedding?

As per reports, Jeremiah, who finds her bed too big just for herself, realised she could easily accommodate another person so she started sending invites to others to share a bed with her charging a nominal fee and earning approximately Rs 41,624.92 monthly. She has now made a business out of it.


The name hot bedding is derived from the concept of hot desking, a workplace lingo where colleagues share a single desk. The University of Technology, Sydney, after a survey, stated that thousands of its international students rely on hot bedding. 

Jeremiah added that before getting into this concept with an individual, she makes it very clear that in this practice there is no involvement of any romantic or sexual angle to this practice and things are purely platonic between two people. 

The idea of turning this concept into a business came up as Jeremiah didn't want to be locked up in her house alone during the pandemic so she started renting out the empty side of her bed. Jeremiah also revealed how she gave out her bed to one of her former boyfriends who used to travel between the cities; she shared that the two refrained from talking while in bed and instead put their headphones on. 


However, Jeremiah did accept that hot bedding is a risky business despite it sounding like an exciting concept. She advised other homeowners thinking about plunging into the concept to be careful and make sure that the other person is open-minded, has good values, and equally wants a respectful platonic relationship. 

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