Watch Akshata Murty's Political Stage Debut Supporting Rishi Sunak

In her debut at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, UK, Akshata Murty made a surprise speech in support of her husband, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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In recent news, Akshata Murty made her first official speech at a political platform, speaking in support of her husband, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, at the Conservative Party Convention in Manchester, UK, on 4 October. Her preliminary speech at the event was the introduction for his speech, which was to be his first as Prime Minister at the event.

In the viral video of her speech, Sunak reportedly had no idea his wife was going to speak at the convention before him, being happily surprised along with the rest of the convention with Murty's speech.

Akshata Murty and Rishi Sunak 

In her first official speech, Akshata Murty spoke about how she met her husband, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak,  years ago, when the pair were both studying at Stanford University. Murty, the daughter of Indian author Sudha Murty, was studying for her MBA when she met Rishi Sunak, the at-the-time winner of the Fulbright Scholarship. The pair got married in 2009, and are parents to two girls- Krishna and Anushka, both of whom Murty mentions in her speech. 

Akshata Murty At The CPC 2023

At the UK's Conservative Party Convention held in Manchester, Murty surprised the audience by giving a short speech before that of her husband's. In her preliminary speech, which was an introduction to that of Rishi Sunak's, she spoke about her husband's motivations, goals, and aspirations as a person and as the UK's prime minister. In the viral video of her speech, Sunak can be seen looking on lovingly as his wife shared anecdotes of him and their life together. She explained why she chose to speak at the conference,  stating that she did so because "Rishi and I are each other's best friends; we are one team and I could not imagine being anywhere else than here today to show my support to him and to the party."


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