Here’s How Afghan Women’s Football Team Was Evacuated ‘Miraculously’

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86 Afghan women footballers were recused from the country following the Taliban takeover on August 15. The efforts of six internationally coordinated countries made the move possible as the fear among women players of Afghanistan lost all hopes of living, let alone continuing their profession.

After managing to escape the country, the women stated that the escape was “nothing short of a miracle.”

The Taliban spokesperson has assured that women will be granted education, the right to work and other rights adhering to the Islamic law Sharia. However, incidents of women journalists not being allowed to work, erasing women’s faces from public posters and other such cases have come up, contradicting the spokesperson’s claims.

Out of fear of the fundamentalists, the women football players were told to burn their football team uniforms, delete their social media accounts and go into hiding.

Afghan Women Footballers Rescued By Group Of 6

Haley Carter, a football coach reportedly holds major credit for the success of the operation, talking to CNN she said, “I can’t believe that a ragtag group of six women, some human rights lawyers, football coaches and a program director managed to use our networks and our resources to get these women out.”

However, the evacuation process was indeed gruesome as the women reportedly had to pass through sewers and go through rather difficult ways.

Carter and Former Afghanistan women’s football captains Khalida Popal reportedly formed an emergency coalition to help evacuate Afghan athletes and their family members from the country to Australia. The coalition was joined by Human rights advocates Alison Battisson and Kat Craig, former Afghanistan women’s football coach Kelly Lindsey and the Olympic swimmer Nikki Dryden.

According to a report, Carter said that they had a team that’s working 24 hours, taking tactical naps to tag out for each other. She stated that she herself got “three-and-a-half hours sleep and feel like it was the best sleep I’ve gotten in days.”

Earlier, Carter mentioned that what is happening in the country is highly dangerous and volatile. “They (The Taliban) are setting up checkpoints, beating people, stealing their phones and going through their phones.”

After the evacuation came to be a success, Carter said that she cried tears of relief. She added, “We’ll all come out of this incredibly thankful for what we accomplished and utterly heartbroken for what we did not.”

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