Afghan Women Football Players Leave Country On Evacuation Flight

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The Afghan Women Football players left the country as they boarded the evacuation flights. Fédération Internationale des Associations de Footballeurs Professionnels (FIFPRO) general secretary called the evacuation “an incredibly complex process.”

On Tuesday, the organisation for the soccer players of the world achieved an “important victory” in the evacuation of the Afghan women football team. The team left with their family members. The work continues to help more Afghan citizens stuck against their will.

A representative from the Global soccer players’ union FIFPRO said in their statement, “These young women, both as athletes and activists, have been in a position of danger and on behalf of their peers around the world we thank the international community for coming to their aid.”

Football was seen as a political act of defiance against the Taliban when it first started in 2007 in Afghanistan. Since the United States-backed Afghanistan government fell, the athletes were asked to delete social media posts and photographs of them with the team. This was done to avoided reprisals.

Khalida Popal who was the captain of the Women’s football team in Afghanistan said in her statement, “The last few days have been extremely stressful but today we have achieved an important victory.” She further added, “The women footballers have been brave and strong in a moment of crisis and we hope they will have a better life outside Afghanistan.”

Popal said the hearts of her team and herself go to the people who remain stranded in the country against their will.

After the Islamic extremist group took charge of the major cities and took over the administration of the country of Afghanistan, protests have erupted wherein the people have asked for the safety of the Afghan women. The medical and food supplies sent by WHO which help more than half of the population of Afghanistan is stuck as the airport at Kabul is not open for commercial flights yet.