Afghan Envoy’s Daughter Silsila Alikhil Details Her Abduction In New Video

afghan envoy daughter
Afghan envoy daughter abduction case: Days after Pakistan reiterated the stand against its own role in the case of the alleged kidnapping of an Afghanistan ambassador’s daughter, the woman in question has come forward on social media to make explosive revelations of her abduction episode.

Silsila Alikhil, 26, in an eight-minute video posted to her Facebook account Wednesday relayed “first comments on the terrible incident” of her abduction on July 16 from Islamabad, Pakistan. 

The envoy’s daughter says in her video she was abducted while coming home from the market by taxi. The driver, she claimed, allowed another man to sit inside with her despite her protestations. She was allegedly assaulted and abused in the car, following which she lost consciousness.

After being “physically and mentally tortured,” she was taken home and from there, to a hospital, she says.

“Physically I am fine now but mentally I need more time because still I wake up suddenly two to three times every night and it seems that I am still lying in the same place where this incident happened,” says Alikhil.

Afghan Envoy Daughter Makes Serious Allegations In Abduction Case

Alikhil has raised questions over the investigation and medical treatments in the case. “I wonder why the doctor wants to know when I left home, what time did I leave, I took a taxi or any other car,” she asked in her video.

Her allegations come even as authorities in Pakistan have denied any role or knowledge of her abduction from their country’s soil. Pakistan has in turn blamed India in Alikhil’s abduction, a stand both India and Afghanistan have issued concerns over. As US troops withdraw from Afghanistan, radical Islamist outfit Taliban is attempting to regain footing in the country with Pakistan accused of sanctioning terror there.

Claiming the “dignity of a young Afghan girl, the dignity of her family, the dignity of her country Afghanistan” depends on how her case takes a turn, Alikhil in her video requests her own government to follow developments closely and the Pakistani government to co-operate.