Who Is Silsila Alikhil? Daughter Of Afghan Envoy Abducted

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Who Is Silsila Alikhil? Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Najibullah Alikhil’s daughter, Silsila Alikhil was abducted and was severely tortured for several hours on Friday. She is currently under medical care.

The Afghan foreign ministry said in their statement that Silsila Alikhil, daughter of the Afghan ambassador in Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil was severely tortured for several hours by unknown individuals on her way home.

The foreign ministry of Afghanistan said it “strongly condemns this heinous act and expresses its deep concern over the safety and security of diplomats, their families, and staff members of the Afghan political and consular missions in Pakistan.”

The ministry further added, “While the Afghan ministry of foreign affairs is following the matter with the ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan, we urge the Pakistani government to identify and prosecute the perpetrators at the soonest time possible.”

Pakistan’s ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan was summoned by the Afghan foreign ministry on Saturday afternoon. They lodged a strong protest about the “grave incident.”

The foreign minister of Afghanistan expressed his concern when Pakistan interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed claimed that India’s spy agency was involved in the abduction of the Afghan envoy’s daughter in Islamabad. He further added that such “unprofessional remarks” could hamper their bilateral relations.

What Happened To Silsila Alikhil?

According to reports, Silsila Alikhil is in hospital under medical care after being released by the abductors. She has swellings over several parts of her body. She was abducted on Friday when she was on her way home.

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