85-Year-Old Woman Cycled 1,500 KMs To Honour Her Children's Memory

After the heartbreaking loss of her three adult children in a span of just four years—Sandy in 2012, Katie in 2013, and Bob in 2016, Mavis Paterson, known as Granny Mave, cycled 1,500 km in six months.

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Cycling has evolved into more than just a routine for Mavis Paterson, who is affectionately known as Granny Mave. It has become indispensable to her existence and the core purpose for her life, especially following the heartbreaking loss of all three of her adult children in a span of just four years—Sandy in 2012, Katie in 2013, and Bob in 2016.


1,500 Kms In 6 Months

In honour of her children's memory, the 85-year-old grandmother embarked on this endurance endeavour in May. She pedalled a thousand miles across Scotland, commencing her journey from the Mull of Galloway and then travelling northward, following the country's perimeter until she returned to the Mull of Galloway.

According to a report by CNN, Paterson cycled around Scotland's perimeter daily for a month, braving the country's rolling terrain, open roads, and erratic weather conditions. Each morning, she rose early and embarked on her journey, cycling up to 50 miles a day.

Paterson fondly remembered fellow cyclists joining her throughout her journey to provide tremendous encouragement. Some of them rode alongside her for multiple days, offering companionship. This support remained a consistent presence during Paterson's expedition across Scotland, reaching its climax with a crowd assembled at the finish line, there to cheer her on.

Charity Work


Granny Mave has generated nearly £60,000 in donations for Macmillan Cancer Support upon completing her 1,000-mile bicycle journey. 

Macmillan Cancer Support disclosed that Granny Mave has been actively fundraising for the organisation for over twenty years, driven by the loss of her mother and sister to the disease.

As a result of her recent cycling expedition, her total contributions have now reached approximately £155,000.

Beginning & Training

Having previously been an enthusiast of running marathons and half-marathons, Paterson made the transition to cycling due to knee issues. She began to establish personal challenges for herself.

In 2008, she undertook a cycling journey across Canada in the company of a friend, but she also rode solo for a portion of the trip when her friend faced health complications. 


In 2019, she pedalled the entire length of Great Britain, spanning from the southernmost point at Lands End to the northernmost point at John O'Groats. This remarkable achievement made her the oldest woman to successfully traverse this renowned route.

Preparing for such a feat necessitated Paterson to venture out on her bike in various weather conditions, maintaining a rigorous routine of cycling five to six days each week.

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