'She's In Pain': Israeli Family Pleads For Return Of Grandmom Captured During Attack

Since the Hamas's attack on Israel near the Gaza border, the distressing incidents of violence, kidnapping, rape, etc., have been coming to light.

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Since the Hamas's attack on Israel near the Gaza border, the distressing incidents of violence, kidnapping, rape, etc., have been coming to light. In another incident, an 85-year-old grandmother was kidnapped and taken in by the terrorists on a gold cart.


What Happened?

According to The New York Post, the family of Yaffa Adar, an elderly Israeli woman who was abducted by Hamas and transported to the Gaza Strip, is seeking assistance.

Shortly after the incursion by Hamas, footage of Adar emerged, showing her surrounded by terrorists and being paraded through Gaza in a jeep.

Adar's granddaughter, Adva, expressed frustration on Facebook, stating, "No one is communicating with us, and we have only learned about all the information from the internet." She added that she is dismayed by the lack of information from the government and believes that more should be done to secure the release of the Israeli hostages.

"My grandmother, who helped establish the kibbutz with her own hands, who believed in Zionism, who loved this country that has abandoned her, has been kidnapped. She is likely somewhere, suffering from severe pain, without access to medication, food, or water, and living in fear, alone."

Adva urged that this distressing image remain ingrained in the memories of those in the government who seem disconnected from the reality of the situation. She called upon them to understand that there are individuals in distress, including the elderly, children, women, and men, each with their names and families. She expressed her hope that they would be unable to sleep at night until every effort is made to bring these individuals home.


Hamas Continues The Torture

In another story of survival, a British family residing in Israel sought refuge in a secure room with their 10-day-old infant, remaining hidden for a duration of nine hours. During this time, Hamas set fire to their residence and razed their village located in close proximity to the Gaza Strip.

According to a report by The New York Post, Aimee and Uriel Labban, who hold dual UK-Israeli citizenship, along with their newborn son Kai, experienced a series of assaults carried out by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. These attacks resulted in the loss of the Labbans' family dog and the destruction of their residence and vehicle.

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The Labban family, along with their grandmother Deborah Mintz, endured this hellish ordeal for a span of nine hours, remaining inside a secure room due to the fear that attempting to escape would put their lives at risk.

Ultimately, the IDF came to their rescue, escorting the Labban family and their neighbours to a shelter for safety.

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