7 Most Heartwarming Viral Videos Of 2021 Featuring Women

Grandmother Instructs Alexa, Grandmother instructs Alexa
Best Viral Videos 2021: What does a combination of people stuck at homes in 2021 and social media users rising across platforms give birth to? The answer is viral videos. From lakhs of videos that went viral throughout the year, we bring a list of the most heart-warming videos from the year.

Sweet saas-bahu relationship

A video shared by an Instagram influencer won hearts on the internet for its sweet portrayal of saas-bahu relationship. In the video we see a new bride, out to attend a function, struggling with her saree. To help her out, her mother-in-law gets down on her knees and adjusts the plates of her saree. She then looks up to her daughter-in-law and asks, “Ok?” to ensure that she is now comfortable. The video has offered a modern take on a much-stereotyped relationship. Watch it here. 

Bride performs martial arts post wedding

P Nisha from Tamil Nadu took everyone by surprise when she started performing martial arts after her wedding. The 22-year-old bride aimed at creating awareness among girls about learning self-defence. Her video went viral on social media. According to the guests, her performance was the highlight of the ceremony.

Grandmother Instructs Alexa

A viral video featuring an an elderly woman giving instructions to Alexa went viral on social media. The way she made the request is heart-warming. In a reel, posted by an Instagram user named Neha Sharma, we see her grandmother instructing Alexa to play the Ganapati Bhajan. “Alexa, recite the Ganapati Bhajan,” said the woman. She further elaborated to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice service as to what areas it must cover in the prayer. “Recite everything in the Ganapati Bhajan,” the woman added. Watch the video here. 

Daughter thrilled to see father as pilot

Pilot Dad And Daughter Video

Video of a young girl thrilled to see her uniformed father piloting the aircraft she was flying in as a passenger took the internet by storm.  Shared by an Instagram account made in the name of the girl, Shanaya Motihar, the video accompanies a description that mentions this was her first flight with her father. “He flew me to Delhi. I was very excited to see him… it was my best flight till now. Love you Papa,” the caption reads. Here’s the video. 

Doctor Meets Her Newborn After Battling COVID-19 

Not long after she gave birth to a baby boy, a COVID-19 positive Dr Arfa Sajadin was shifted to critical care at a hospital in Howrah, West Bengal. She only managed to catch glimpses of her newborn after delivering him. From the intensive care unit, Sajadin was moved to life support in a matter of days, where she battled the virus. She won. After ten days of struggling to breathe on the ventilator, Sajadin was wheeled out to meet her baby. A video of the mother-son reunion, where she tears up on taking him in her arms, went viral on social media. Netizens praised the duo for their courage and resilience. Here’s the video. 

Sudha Murthy worships her dog

A video of Sudha Murthy won Internet in which she was seen doing the aarti of her pet dog. The video was reportedly shot on the birthday of the pet dog and went viral. It  features Sudha Murthy, her sister and there is also a male voice over wishing happy birthday as Murthy worships pet dog. Watch it here. 

Groom touches bride’s feet

A video showing a groom touching his bride’s feet at his wedding went viral on internet considering how rare it is for Indian men to do so. The clip first showed the bride bowing down to touch the groom’s feet but he refuses. Instead, he bends down and touches her feet. The bride is taken aback by his gesture. Read more about the story here. 

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