Viral Video: Grandmother Instructs Alexa, Leaves Netizens Delighted

In a video doing rounds on the internet, we see an elderly woman asking Alexa to play the 'Ganpati Bhajan' in the most adorable way.

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Grandmother Instructs Alexa, Grandmother instructs Alexa

Grandmother Instructs Alexa: A viral video making rounds on the internet has left the social media users delighted. It features an elderly woman giving instructions to Alexa. The way she makes the request is bound to break your lips into a smile.


Grandmother Instructs Alexa

In a reel, posted by an Instagram user named Neha Sharma, we see her grandmother instructing Alexa to play the Ganapati Bhajan. "Alexa, recite the Ganapati Bhajan," said the woman. She further elaborated to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice service as to what areas it must cover in the prayer"Recite everything in the Ganapati Bhajan," the woman added. The caption across the reel reads, "This is how my Grandmother speaks/commands to Alexa." The caption below it says, "Dadi Maa and Alexa."

Posted on September 1, the reel has garnered 1.2 Million views, more than 50,000 likes and several positive comments. "So adorable," wrote an Instagram user. "What did Alexa say?" said another. An entrepreneur, Pooja Kochar said, "All grandmoms have the same reaction." To this, Sharma replied, "True that." A wedding photographer Saurabh Agrawal commented, "So cute she is."

In a "behind the scenes" video, Sharma shared how her father taught her grandmother to speak to Alexa. He taught her to pronounce the name of the device and how she could place her orders before it. "Papa teaching dadi how to talk to Alexa," she wrote across the clip. The video gained more than 33,000 views and more than 900 likes.

The internet is in complete awe of the dadi. This is well evident from the comments the reel received. A user asked, “Did it follow what Grandma said?” Sharma replied, “She went mum”. Another user said, “So adorable.” Appreciating Sharma’s grandmother, a user named Alia commented, “She’s so sweet and beautiful.”

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Image source: Neha Sharma/Instagram

Viral Video Grandmother Grandmother Instructs Alexa