1,300 People Held For Crime Against Women In 2018: Delhi Police Data

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The Delhi Police data of crime against women in the last three-and-a-half months shows that it arrested around 1,300 people in such cases. The data reveals that until April 15, Delhi cops arrested 500 for rape, over 700 people for molestation and about 120 in cases of eve-teasing, Millennium Post reports. It also includes those accused of crimes against minors.


In total, Delhi Police has recorded about 1,600 cases of crimes against women across categories in the last three-and-a -half-months, including 578 cases of rape alone. In the same duration last year, Delhi Police had recorded 563 cases of rapes. The data found that more than five women are raped every day in the national capital.

Between January 2016 and August 2017, the Delhi Police apprehended over 3,000 persons accused of committing rape while it arrested more than 6,000 person under charges of molestation.

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"We have solved 460 rape cases and worked out on 561 cases of molestation and 102 cases of eve-teasing," states the data

When it comes to eve-teasing, the Delhi Police recorded 182 cases and under molestation, it filed 883 cases. However, the good thing is that, according to the data, Delhi Police has taken strict actions in these cases and have solved as many as 1.123 cases.

"We have solved 460 rape cases and worked out on 561 cases of molestation and 102 cases of eve-teasing," states the data.


Delhi Police claims that its initiative of women police personnel patrolling areas undercover has helped them nab the offenders and reduce instances of crime against women in the capital city. Recently, women police from South District patrolled bus stations and marketplaces undercover to protect girls from eve-teasing. In Shahadra district, women police patrol on scooties and bikes around colleges and schools to make safe spaces around these institutions.

The POCSO e-Box of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has received more than 50 cases under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

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