Over Five Women Raped Every Day In Capital In 2018: Delhi Police

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An analysis of the crime against women in the capital city from the beginning of this year to April 15 has revealed that more than five women were raped every day. And in 96.63 per cent of the reported rape cases, survivors knew the offenders. In total, Delhi police reported 578 rape cases this year compared to 563 cases in 2017 during the same period.

The police claim that the rise in number of cases is because of speedy registration of cases.

The good thing is that the statistics showed a dip in molestation cases filed in the same time span. In 2017, police filed FIRs for 944 cases of assault on women in the three-and-a-half months while this year it recorded 883 cases.

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The National Crime Record Bureau data stated that in 2017, police recorded 2,049 rape cases while in 2016 it recorded 2,064 cases.

When it comes to molestation cases, Delhi police filed 3,273 FIRs in 2017. However, in 2016, it recorded 4,035 cases of molestation.

In 96.63 per cent of the reported rape cases, survivors knew the offenders. In total, police reported 578 cases this year while it reported 563 cases of rape in 2017 in the same period

The year has seen some of the most horrific cases of rape from across the country. And the national capital has always come under fire for reporting cases of crime against women. While Delhi is always under scrutiny for reporting one of highest percentage when it comes to crimes against women, some northern states are guilty of not adequately filing FIRs in cases of crime against women. The recent Unnao cases is testimony to the fact that the UP police was at fault for delay in filing FIR about the minor’s rape because it involved a BJP MLA.

While people should be aware and file cases in such crimes, police should also actively participate by filing FIRs and investigating the cases.

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