Flying Squads To Ensure Women’s Safety In Delhi Metro, Subways

Delhi metro

Metro station and the subways can be some of the most unsafe spaces in the capital city. To tackle the problem of women’s safety, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has deployed ‘Flying Squads’ in connecting subways and dark areas of Delhi Metro stations.

These Flying Squads are women combat groups of CISF commandos. They are trained in the martial art, “Pekiti-Tirsia- Kali”. The women commandoes are expert in evacuation techniques, free-style combat, fighting in enclosed areas and taking on armed opponents bare handed. These squads will patrol in areas where CISF does not provide security.

According to the January 2018 crime data, CISF reported 281 cases of crime against women. As many as 68 suspects were apprehended following complaints

mAs of now, there are a total 22 such Flying Squads to maintain safety of women passengers travelling by Metro. The CISF has also increased the frequency of patrolling by the Quick Reaction Teams. The authority has also identified grey areas where police have reported crimes. Those areas are under constant CCTV and manual surveillance.

The January 2018 crime data says that CISF reported 281 cases of crime against women in which it apprehended 68 suspects on the basis of received complaints or suspicion. In 2017, the force had reported 4394 crimes and it had arrested 965 suspects and criminals.

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In a survey CISF had carried out in eight airports, it found out that on a scale of 5, the passengers had graded overall security and services of CISF as 4.73. On the aspect of feeling safe, passengers had rated CISF at 4.80 on a scale of 5. The survey took place in Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati, Hyderabad and Delhi between October 1, 2017 and October 30.

Recently, CISF recruited over 1,600 women personnel in the force, a first in its history. The Regional Training Centre of Tamil Nadu (Thakkolam) trained these women constables to boost their strength in the force.

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