10 Things To Know About Kolkata Hotel Room Murder Case, Whose Suspect Is Yet To Be Nabbed

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A woman’s dead body was discovered in a hotel room located at New Town, Kolkata on Tuesday. Kolkata police also recovered a handwritten note in Bengali and a broken bottle of alcohol from the crime scene. The deceased woman had checked into the hotel on the day of her death with a man who claimed to be her husband. So far the suspect hasn’t been arrested and Kolkata police have begun their investigation in the case.

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Here are 10 things you ought to know about the Kolkata hotel room murder case:

1. The deceased woman was in her early twenties. The man who accompanied her had claimed to be her husband.

2. They checked into the hotel in the afternoon and ordered their lunch in the afternoon at 2 pm. The hotel’s CCTV footage shows the alleged perpetrator leaving the hotel around 4 pm.

3. The couple had informed the hotel staff that they would leave by 7 pm. The staff was compelled to use a duplicate key to access their room when the room’s occupants didn’t take their calls to vacate the room.

4. Once the staff accessed the room, they found the woman’s bloodied, naked corpse covered in a bedsheet.

5. The staff alerted the police who sent the corpse for post-mortem. They have also begun investigating whether the woman was sexually assaulted or not.

6. The police claimed that the accused had cleaned himself up after the crime, as they found bloodstains in the bathroom.

7. Cops also found a hand-written note in Bengali which read, “I did not want to kill you but had no option.”

8. As per the cops, the deceased woman was a mother to a 4-year-old child. The photo IDs of the accused and the woman revealed that the former was a resident of Gopiballavpur, in West Midnapore, whereas the woman lived in Binpur area of the same district.

9. “We have started a murder case. We have got the name and address of the man accompanying the woman and also have a CCTV footage of him sneaking out of the hotel in the evening,” said a senior officer of Bidhannagar Commissionerate.

10. A similar incident was reported from Chandigarh in January this year when a 20-year-old woman was found dead in a hotel room. She had also checked in the hotel with a man who had left the hotel after a few hours. The man was later convicted of murder as the police found out that he had stabbed the woman.

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