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Naming your baby? Don’t miss this set of trending baby names to consider before making a decision. Of course while naming your children is a special progress, it’s worth your while to look out for some help from all quarters including the internet.

Names are about identities and that’s so important in the journey of every child. Make sure you look around and scout through the many hundreds of options SheThePeople has put together in our parenting section. For now we have curated fifty unique trending Indian baby names for you to kickstart your search.

Below is a list of several unique names beginning with many different letters of the alphabet.

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New Age Baby Names with A

Name Meaning
Abira Warm red colour of dusk, a warrior
Ayaanshu First ray of light
Biren Lord of Warrior
Brahma Strong, classic. Name is the name of a god, Brahma the creator
Carthik  Courageous
Chakradhar Lord Vishnu
Dev God
Dhruva Knowledgeable
Eklavya Eklavya name meanings is Student who learned bow by watching
Farhan Joyful, happy,delightful
Fanindra Bright, serpent. Classic name
Ganesh Sky or aasman
Harman Big hearted and generous
Hari Blessed by Lord Krishna
Indra Lord of rain
Idhant Winter sun’s first rays, luminous
Jay Victorius
Jayesh Victor, nakshatra
Jeetu Winner
Karthik Name of first month of Vikrama samvat, Name of Hindu Month, A variant of Karthik
Krish Another name for Krishna
Luv Love, warmth, son of Ram
Lakshay It is an Indian name that means,’Aim’ or ‘Goal’
Mohan Loving
Madhavan Lord Shiva. Class name
Naadir Summit, rare
Nagarjuna Philosopher
Ojus Vigour
Pratikshit The star who is awaited
Pranam Wishing someone, greetings, blessings, namaste
Rachit Calm, composed, content
Rakshit Protector
Ram Name of Lord Ram
Ritu The seasons
Saadik Truthful
Sampat Wealthy and giving
Sadhashiva Pure
Sambhan Makes happen, born
Sanjiv Love, life
Sankalp Resolve
Tahir virtuous
Tanvir Victorious
Teesta A river
Taimur Taimur is an ancient Persian name meaning iron
Utkal Utkarsh kala
Utsav Occasion
Uttar High up
Uzair Helper, strength
Urvik Earth
Vir Victor
Viru Victor
Vikas Progress
Vikalp Integrity
Varun Lord of the sky, deep red colour
Winit That who wins
Warhi Durga
Wasan Idol
Yudishtar Leader from Indian mythology, winner of wars
Yuvi Price, heir apparent
Zorawar Powerful
Zameer One without dismay and sorrow
Ateet The past, inner being
Atulyaa Invaluable
Avalok One who beholds
Aveejeet Invincible
Ayush Long living
Achuthan Bhagwan Krishna
Aadhee The start or In the Beginning
Avuyukta Crystal clear
Amlaan Bright
Aadi Important
Aadijay Victory, wins
Aadvay or Aadway Unique, special, different, exclusive
Aaditey Son of the earth
Aadidev The first of gods
Arinjay Destroyer
Ajaya Winner
Ajoy Winner, victor
Ajinkya Invincible, difficult to defeat
Ajeevan Someone with a deep, meaningful life, full of life
Ahimsa With love, no violence.
Ahuti Sacrifice
Akila One who knows it all
Akhil With deep understanding of the world
Akul Transcending
Amit Winner, endless, friend
Amil One in a million
Amati Beyond intellect
Amiee Nectar, very sweet
Amanat Treasure
Amullu Mother
Amrit Pure
Amrith Another way to write Amrit, means pure
Amudh Wealth of ambrosia
Amukt Cannot be touched, victorious
Amanpal Victor
Amanjot Light of peace
Amanvir Fights for peace
Ambudha Cloud
Ambujam Lotus
Ambudhi Ocean
Amithya Truthfully
Amoolya Precious
Amlendu Like the moon
Amaandeep Peace, light of peace

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