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Baby girl names, Baby boy names: Looking for the perfect name for your babies? Something that is modern and something that is traditional too? Here’s a look at our latest selection of Indian baby girl names to help you make a choice.

Remember this is a wonderful exercise and the name you choose should be something you love and believe in.

1. Aneeka (grace and elegance)

2. Amya (soft rain rain)

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3. Adaa (nazakat, style and stylised behaviour)

4. Anaaisha (very special, rare)

5. Anya (superior than all)

6. Charu (graceful and pure in a spiritual sense)

7. Chetanaa (power of intellect)

8. Chaitanya (knowledge)

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9. Falguni ( born in Falgun period)

10. Gina (powerful woman)

11. Gauri ( derived from gaurī ‘white’, ‘shining, brilliant‘)

12. Hansika (swan like graceful)

13. Ila (from the island, moonlight)

14. Ishani (feminine version of Ishan, meaning ‘lord, master, ruler’ in Sanskrit)

15. Ira (watchful)

16. Kiara (means “light” or “clear” )

17. Kayra (peaceful, unique)

18. Keya (Bengali origin and comes from the Bengali word for a ‘Flower’)

19. Latika (beautiful Hindu goddess”)

20. Larisa (name of Spanish origin, the meaning of Larisa is ‘the smile‘)

21. Mahira (brilliance in something, skillful)

22. Mishika (Love of God, The person with the sweetness of sugar.)

23. Maira (beloved)

24. Naina (eyes)

25. Naysa (pure, clear)

26. Naishaa (a special phool)

27. Pavitra (clear and pure)

28. Preesha (beloved)

29. Radha (female name of Indian origin that means Goddess Of Love)

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30. Sabeesh (Lord Ayyappa)

31. Sanvee (name of Goddess Laxmi)

32. Syshaa (with great desire)

33. Shahana (patience, gorgeous)

34. Tarini ( she who frees)

35. Trisha (noble)

36. Toral (auspicious)

37. Taahira (modest)

38. Tanvi (Goddess Durga)

39. Tamra (Made of copper)

40. Tweesha (radiant, bright)

41. Varuna (orange)

42. Vihaana (early morning)

43. Yamini (starry night)

44. Yashvi (fame)

45. Zaara (princess, flower)

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Baby boy names

1. Ahva (loved and cared for)

2. Abeer (warm red, orange, warrior)

3. Aarav (intelligent and progressive)

4. Aahan (dawn, subah ki shaan)

5. Aatiksh (smart, intelligent wise)

6. Biren (generally means Lord of warriors, is of Indian origin)

7. Bodhisatvva (awakening)

11. Chetan (glow, shine, brilliance)

12. Dev (God)

13. Dainik (daily)

14. Daksh (Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent)

15. Gyaan (master of knowledge)

16. Indra (lord of the rains)

17. Ishan (luminous, red)

18. Joshua ( God is deliverance)

19. Kabeer (saint)

20. Kahaan (Lord Krishna, universe)

21. Kismet (destiny)

22. Krishnaa (Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva)

23. Lakshya (goals and aims)

24. Lalit (red)

25. Manav (relating to humankind )

26. Naveen (bright, young, radiant)

27. Nimit (destiny)

28. Nirved (gift by god)

29. Pramit (Consciousness)

30. Pranay (affection and regard)

31. Rachit (creator)

32. Radhi (Anand)

33. Reyansh (first ray of sunlight)

34. Raghubir (Lord Ram)

35. Rishit (learned)

36. Rusheel (charming)

37. Sadaf (moti, pearls)

38. Sapthagiri (Lord Venkatesh)

39. Shivam (auspicious)

40. Talish (Lord of earth)

41. Takh (Lord Ganesha)

42. Vihan (early morning, dawn)

43. Viransh (strong)

44. Viraj (resplendent)

45. Ved (sacred knowledge)

46. Yashraj (king of all fame)

47. Yaduvir (era)

48. Yuvaan (Lord Krishna)

49. Zayan (beautifier)

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