Oh Cmon, School Book Promotes ‘Good Height And Complexion’ As Entrepreneurship Traits

Rewari Govt. School

One wonders if this is for real? Just a few days ago a CBSE text book for students defined the ideal bust-waist size for women. Now another book is objectifying entrepreneurs, talking of ‘good height and complexion.’  Seriously, what’s wrong with us?

In Rajasthan’s government schools, books are redefining how to be desirable as entrepreneur. It says one must have the key traits of “beautiful complexion” and “good height.” Someone pinch me. They are teaching high school students that physical attributes of a perfect entrepreneur? What happened to virtues of acumen, values, ethics and others? Doing business, fair and lovely style? And that’s gives an entrepreneur an edge?

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The curriculum for a Class 12 textbook contains a list of these attributes an entrepreneur must have : “uttam swasthya, prabhavshali vyaktitva, acchi unchai, sundar rang, shaleenta, gambhirta (perfect health, impressive personality, good height, beautiful complexion, sobriety, seriousness)

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Rajasthan government schools have recently upgraded the curricula of secondary and senior secondary classes. They have reportedly added more promotional value of the government schemes including budget announcements, Make in India initiative and Resurgent Rajasthan investment summit.

As someone working in a startup, I am shocked that our encouragement to the students of the future is about complexion and image building. When we were young, often in schools that were hardly as fancy as today’s, we were strictly taught about the journey and means to a goal. Where value systems, respect, hunger in the belly were key ideas to foster.

Hmmm. Let’s fix this. Shall we? Books can simply be printed again. With real values.

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