How Content Creator Srishti Garg Taps Into Gen Z's Perspective

Srishti Garg's breakthrough moment came in 2022 with the Gen Z series, a fresh and engaging take on the digital landscape that resonated with her generation. This shift in content strategy garnered the attention of audiences far and wide.

Priya Prakash
12 Sep 2023 Updated On Sep 15, 2023 16:15 IST
Gen Z Content Creator Srishti Garg

Srishti Garg

Garg's content creation journey took flight in December 2020, when she decided to plunge into the world of creating. Initially, she had modest expectations, and consistency wasn't her strong suit. However, she embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, unafraid to experiment with various characters in her videos.

In an engaging interview with SheThePeople, Instagram content creator Srishti Garg shared her journey from a content novice to a viral sensation. Her story is marked by authenticity, creativity, and a dash of badass content, making her a standout in the digital realm.

The Viral Breakthrough

Her breakthrough moment came in 2022 with the Gen Z series, a fresh and engaging take on the digital landscape that resonated with her generation. This shift in content strategy proved pivotal and garnered the attention of audiences far and wide.


Recognition and Validation

One of the most heartwarming aspects of her journey has been the recognition she has received from her favourite creators in the digital sphere. Their acknowledgement of her content added a layer of validation and encouragement to her budding career. Additionally, she had the privilege of becoming a TEDx speaker and keynote speaker at several colleges, fulfilling a dream she held dear. And, as if that weren't enough, she had the chance to meet and interact with Abhay Deol, an experience she cherishes.

Srishti Garg's content is characterised by its entertaining and out-of-the-box nature, capturing the essence of Gen Z's perspective. Her creative process centres around envisioning content she would want to consume herself.


In an era where it feels like everything has already been done, she finds inspiration in the mundane, allowing ideas to strike her naturally. Her Gen Z series, for instance, was born from a simple shower thought. A key element of her content strategy is exploring the contrasts between different characters and situations, often venturing into uncharted territory.

She added, "I always try to align my ideas in a way where I try to show the contrast between two characters and situations. For example, we haven’t seen Gen Z as old people yet, and we haven’t seen Gen Z arranged marriages yet. So, it is always fun to play around with imagining the what-ifs."

Challenges Along The Way


Despite her remarkable success, Garg has encountered her share of challenges, and one of which she still finds daunting is continuously generating fresh content. Secondly, she shared how she used to get self-critical in the beginning.

 "I'm very hard on myself, so I put myself down a lot whenever a reel doesn’t do well or whenever my audience doesn’t grow", said Garg.

In an age where virtually everyone is a content creator and the landscape is saturated with a multitude of competing voices, it's easy to become disheartened and emotionally strained on a daily basis. Garg shared how she tries to lead a healthier creative journey. Learning to let go of the need to force ideas or content has been a valuable lesson for her. She's learned to find solace in moments of boredom, trusting that new and exciting ideas will emerge organically.


Being an influencer in the digital age brings its own lifestyle and responsibilities, which could be unhealthy if not managed well. She said, "I’m someone who has always loved following a routine, since school and even in college. All my submissions used to be before time; I was a teacher’s pet, basically, and now I am a freelancer and creator. I don’t really have a routine unless I'm doing a workshop, so sometimes I do feel guilty for not doing enough work throughout the day and not having a routine. That is why I enrol myself in various activities."

Garg's now shifted towards a structured routine, allowing her to balance her various activities. Engaging in activities like going to the gym, writing, meditating, content creation, video editing, and future planning has become her daily routine. Finding a fixed schedule that suits her remains a work in progress, but she's learning to navigate the rhythm of her creative life.

Plans Ahead


Looking ahead, Srishti Garg sees herself as a writer first and a creator second. Writing has been her foundation, shaping her identity and paving the way for her creative journey. However, she also harbours a desire to explore acting and hopes to grace the big screen someday.

Garg also dropped a big announcement on her work front. "As for writing projects, I shifted to Bombay to work with Shakun Batra on his upcoming movie, where I was part of a writer’s room with him, so I can’t wait for it to be announced."

Throughout her journey, Garg's friends and family have been a constant source of support for her. Despite the increased recognition and fame, her personal relationships have remained steadfast. "My close-knit family and cherished friends continue to be my anchor, reminding me of the importance of staying connected with my roots," she reflects.


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