Level Up Your Dating Game With The Ten Most-Used Slangs of 2024

Modern online dating lingo captures the complex world of screens and swipes. This evolving slang mirrors the intricate mix of feelings, expectations, and interactions in the digital dating scene.

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Modern online dating lingo captures the complex world of digital romance. This evolving slang mirrors the intricate mix of feelings, expectations, and interactions in the digital dating scene, where people navigate emotions and connections in a world dominated by screens and swipes. Modern online dating has brought about a few slang terms to describe the nuanced experiences and behaviour encountered in the digital dating landscape. 


With dating trends ever-changing in this rapid digital era, here's your guide to the 10 most used slang that could make you the master of modern dating in 2024. 


We probably all know what ghosting is-- a situation where a person leaves the relationship without an explanation. Now, think what happens when you have spent months wallowing in their gloomy absence and finally got over them but they turn up in your life again, in the same abrupt manner. That's zombieing for you. Be prepared to confront some unresolved feelings because zombies love to take you on an emotional ride!


Caspering is a more considerate approach to ending a romantic connection. Named after the friendly ghost, it involves ending communication or a relationship with kindness and honesty, rather than abruptly ghosting. Caspering aims to let someone down gently,  acknowledging that not all connections lead to a lasting romance.



While 'delulu' might sound like the only 'solulu', a Delusionship is not something you want to get involved in. This trendy term being thrown around on TikTok refers to a kind of situation in which a person is envisioning themselves in the kind of relationship that their partner does not really want. For example, thinking of marriage and kids with a person who considers you a fling. 


Benching in dating slang refers to someone keeping a romantic interest on hold without committing. They maintain occasional contact, giving the impression of potential interest,  but avoid a serious relationship. It's a frustrating scenario where one person is essentially on the bench, waiting for the other to fully engage or move on. 


This term refers to a relationship in which both persons are slowly seeing a decline in attraction to each other. A short period of infatuation later, the relationship slowly sees a tepidness when the emotional connection seems to fizzle out. 



This is a relationship in which a person fakes their political opinion or leaning just to come across as attractive to a person. Usually, this involves using social media posts to exhibit a certain kind of belief or starting discussions on topics of similar political interests while they might not really believe in this.


In the realm of dating slang, Tindstagramming occurs when an individual discovers someone on Instagram after encountering their profile on Tinder. This involves initiating contact on Instagram and sidestepping the intended communication on the dating app. Such actions might be perceived as intrusive or unwelcome in the online dating landscape. 


Flexting is when someone exaggerates or brags about their achievements, lifestyle, or appearance while communicating with a potential romantic interest, often via text or online platforms. This behaviour aims to impress or show off, but it may lead to disappointment if the reality doesn't match the claims.



A textrovert refers to someone who is more expressive, outgoing, or confident in their communication through text messages than in face-to-face interactions. This term highlights the contrast in social ease between digital and in-person communication, where an individual may feel more comfortable expressing themselves through written words than verbally. 

Love bombing 

Love bombing is a manipulative dating tactic where one showers excessive affection,  attention, and praise on a romantic interest, often early in a relationship. The goal is to create a sense of euphoria and dependency. However, it can be a form of emotional manipulation that may lead to unhealthy dynamics and control. 

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