What This DM Actually Means: A List Of Internet Slangs To Your Rescue

However useless the internet might be, they have become a part of our daily interactions. Here's a list of some slangs you might want to know to enhance your DM-game.

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Internet slangs are primarily used to cut short the typing time and ease communication. However, they can be pretty hard to get as it might take time for the reader to understand what has been sent, especially the elderly who are less acquainted with this practice. While it is fun to use these slangs in day-to-day conversations, they can be pretty annoying sometimes.

Why do we need an acronym for 'You'? There are just three letters to type anyways. Why can’t we just spare a couple more seconds to type words? It’s not like we’re using the saved time for more productive things anyways. Internet slangs have become a part of our expression. However useless they may be, we have incorporated them into our daily conversations nonetheless. Here’s a list of some internet slangs that will help you prep for your DMs.

  1. Simp

One of the latest additions to the internet slang dictionary, simp refers to a person who is head-over-heels for someone or smitten with love. However, the Gen-Z often uses this slang to refer to a man in a negative way who treats women well.   

  1. Yeet

It’s like an expression of exclamation: “Yeet! it’s 2022 already?”, “Yeet, I lost that match.” Yeet! These internet slangs. Uff.

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  1. Sus

It’s a short form for “suspect” and “suspicious”. Whenever you’re doubtful of something or something unusual is happening you know it’s “sus”.

  1. Cap

It’s used as a synonym for lie: “Stop capping!”, or can be used as a replacement of “seriously?” or “No BS!”: “No Capping!”, “You’re not capping, are you?”

  1. Dope

Dope is used as a compliment and can be synonymous to the slang “Fire”. “That music is total dope”, “You’re looking absolute dope” or simply “Dope!”.

  1. ISTG

Acronym for “I swear to god”. ISTG these internet slangs are too much!

  1. FML

Exactly my reaction to these acronyms. FML stands for “f**k my life” and is used as an expression of distress. (please star portions of fuck like f**k) 

  1. IRL

This one stands for “in real life”. I really don’t want this lingo to be included IRL.

  1. BTW

BTW is a very common acronym used for “by the way”. “BTW, I am getting tired of using these slangs every day.” You get it.

  1. TBH

Again, a very common acronym which means “to be honest”. It can also be used to ask honest opinions on something: “Give me a TBH”

  1. RN

Why does “right now” need an acronym?

  1. SMH

I’m literally Shaking My Head over these unnecessary acronyms now. It does not mean “no” but it used as an expression of disapproval, much like “rolling my eyes”, to be precise.

  1. Rona or The Vid

Both refers to the deadly Corona virus or COVID-19. Next time someone asks you, “Do you have The Vid,” do not reply with, “No, please send me,” because I did. BRB, finding a place to hide my face.

We hope you found meanings to enough DMs that left you wondering what to reply. Happy texting!

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