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What Is A Female Condom? Let’s Talk About Contraceptives

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Female contraceptives: It is a device used to prevent pregnancies. Indian statistics show that the responsibility of preventing a pregnancy largely lies with the woman. Therefore, women are more aware of contraceptives while men are often ignorant about them.

According to Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr, Sudeshna Ray, men often feel that contraception is a female responsibility. To educate ourselves further on contraceptives, let’s take a look at different female contraceptives that can be used for preventing pregnancies and infections.

It is important to remember that the below-mentioned contraceptives are not permanent methods of contraception. Therefore, fertility will come back as soon as the device is not used.

Female Diaphragm or Cervical Cup

These are devices that need to be inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse. They are either cup-shaped, a little shallow, or deep. Diaphragms or cervical cups are supposed to be filled with a spermicidal gel that inactivates the sperms.

Diaphragms or cervical cups are non-hormonal and act only as a barrier to prevent the sperm from getting into the womb. The typical failure rate of these is about 17 percent. Diaphragms or cervical cups are available online.

Female Condom

This method has been gaining recognition and getting popular. The female condom is another method of contraceptive that has to be inserted into the vagina about eight hours before sexual intercourse. It should however be discarded immediately after the act.

The typical failure rate is about 14 percent, Female condoms are easily available online and help women to take charge of their protection against pregnancy and infections themselves. It is important to note that out of all the female contraceptives, only female condoms can prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI) or diseases (STD).

Female Contraceptive Sponge

This is a soft disc-shaped sponge filled with spermicidal gel which kills off the sperms. This should be inserted deep into the vagina before sexual intercourse. The sponge needs to be inside for at least six hours after the last act of intercourse.

The contraceptive sponge can remain in the vagina for about 24 hours and the typical failure rate is about 14-27 percent. “It is more successful in women who have children rather than women who have not had children”, said Dr. Sudeshna Ray.

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